Take your career further.

We’re dedicated to providing affordable education options to advance your nursing career. Our CCNE-accredited online programs use evidence-based innovation to educate and inspire nursing students to become exceptional care providers, educators and leaders. And although we’re high tech, we’re still high touch. Students always have support from faculty and from each other as they navigate their program.

If you’re a registered nurse, American College of Education is here to get you to the next level with our RN to BSN, BSN to MSN and RN to MSN programs, all built for your busy life at a price you can afford.

How We Get You There

Nursing Programs

A program for RNs who wish to advance their skills and earn a full bachelor’s degree at one of the lowest prices available nationwide. It includes two “stackable” graduate-level courses that students won’t have to take if they choose to go on to an MSN at ACE.
Complete cost: $7,950, including tuition and fees.*

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A master’s level program for RNs who’ve earned a BSN and want to advance their careers by becoming nurse educators or nurse managers. With an MSN from ACE, students gain greater knowledge and expertise, potential for career advancement or extension through a different role, and more variety in career options.
Complete cost: $11,930, including tuition and fees.*

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The full pathway to achieving your goals in one accelerated program. It contains the degrees and benefits of both individual programs (RN to BSN and BSN to MSN) with just one enrollment. This is ideal for nurses who wish to become educators or administrators in a healthcare setting.
Complete cost: $19,775, including tuition and fees.*

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What Our Nursing Students Say

“The obstacles of 2020 and juggling full-time work, remote learning for my kids and myself have demonstrated my ability to persevere thanks to the skills and confidence I’ve gained from my classes at ACE. The program has ensured my success as the sole Infection Preventionist in a rural hospital, while offering flexibility with its online program. ACE better prepared me to handle this pandemic, working many additional hours to use my knowledge to work more productively and offer staff support at my facility and throughout my community.”


“The instructors were very nurturing and professional while providing me an exemplary education to prepare me for my current and future positions. The instructors were excellent in providing the lessons effectively and efficiently via remote learning. I have long desired to advance my career in leadership and administrative positions believing that I can have a positive impact in those positions. I am confident that I will be able to do so with the skills and knowledge that I obtained in this program.”


“At ACE, you can find a rhythm that works for you. Nurses work all kinds of different shifts and jobs. We’re all busy adult learners juggling work and life and everything in between, but ACE is very consistent from term to term… They make it easy for you to set your own schedule.”


“I can say with certainty that the ridiculously busy mom or dad out there who feels they don’t have the time or energy to go back to nursing school can do it with the set-up ACE has devised. I can’t wait to explain to anyone with questions exactly why it is they will be so glad they made the choice to begin the RN-MSN program here. I also can’t wait to actually graduate from it myself!”


“I chose ACE because the nursing program seemed sensible and do-able. I liked that the classes were 5 or 10 weeks long and that they ran year-round. The college is well-functioning and organized, which instills confidence in me. I have not been disappointed! ”



By using what I learn at ACE in my current position, I am positively impacting others.


I believe ACE is effectively preparing me for the responsibilities I face in my job.


My professional skills are becoming stronger because of my time at ACE.

Source: 2020 RN to MSN course feedback surveys