Transfer Credit

American College of Education acknowledges students may have earned credit previously at ACE, or from another regionally accredited institution that is equivalent and relevant to an ACE degree program. Acceptance of earned credits is based on standards established by ACE and specific to ACE degrees.

General criteria for approved transfer credit appropriate for all programs include the following:

  • The credit must have been earned from a regionally accredited institution

  • The course must be the equivalent credit hour length as ACE’s equivalent course

  • The potential transferred course(s) must have a completion date within five years (Master’s) from the “next term start” for current or re-entry students or from “start term" for new students.

  • If transfer credit is granted and the student leaves the College, upon return, the transfer credit will be reevaluated and may no longer be granted

  • A grade of “B” or better must have been earned in the course

  • The content and rigor of the course(s) requested for transfer credit, to be applied to specific ACE courses, must be evaluated by an academic representative to be sufficiently similar or comparable in content and difficulty to the course(s) in the ACE program

  • Credits earned as military credit, credit for life experience, credit by examination, credit by correspondence, credit from non-accredited institutions, or professional development credits or units are not accepted unless designated in the ACE program.

Credits That May Not be Transferred include the following:

Transfer credit will not be approved to replace the required first course in any degree program

For transfer credit policies specific to a degree program, including Ed.D., Ed.S., and students in ABD status, please see the

Transfer Credit Application Forms

Master's students: If you'd like to apply transfer credits from a regionally accredited master's program toward an ACE M.Ed. or M.A. program, please submit the master's program transfer credit application form in the MyACE Portal.

Doctoral/Specialist students: If you'd like to apply transfer credits from an accredited doctoral or specialist program toward an ACE Ed.D. or Ed.S. program, please submit the doctorate/specialist program transfer credit application form in the MyACE Portal. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

NOTICE: Transfer Credit Request forms must be submitted at least one term prior to when the course is scheduled.


Students may appeal a transfer credit decision by submitting a general appeal form. If not satisfied with appeal decision, students may submit an appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee, who will review the appeal at its next scheduled meeting. The chair of the Academic Appeals Committee will inform students of the committee's actions pertaining to the appeal. The decision of the Academic Appeal Committee is final.

Credit Hour Policy

To view American College of Education's policy on credit hours, please refer to the college catalog.